Q&A with Adam Greenberg, CEO of iUNU

Adam Greenberg

luna-1iUNU won the United Fresh Innovation Award for Best New Indoor Growing Technology at the United Fresh Convention in June. We spoke with CEO Adam Greenberg to get the inside scoop on iUNU’s innovative Luna technology.

1. Can you give us some background on IUNU? How did it start? How has it evolved over the years?

Founded in 2013, iUNU, pronounced “you knew”, is an industrial computer vision company headquartered in Seattle, with offices in San Francisco and Ontario. Connecting plants, facilities, and people through a single interface, LUNA turns commercial greenhouses into precise, predictable, demand-based manufacturers. An AI born in the heart of Seattle; trained in Silicon Valley and the greenhouses of Skagit Valley; and now accessible from everywhere.

2. How did you discover this indoor growing technology and what prompted you to develop it?

It’s all about solving a need at scale. A grower’s shadow is known as the best fertilizer. At commercial scale, your plants don’t all get the attention they need; we set out to help concentrate that shadow on the places that matter most.

3. What challenges is your technology solving?

Luna continually monitors your plants health taking the manual labor out of scouting and inventory tracking. An easy to use decision support tool, this both automates data collection and sorts it into actionable alerts.

4. What challenges do you face?

We like to think of ourselves as earning the right to be the growers right hand. Every day we face the challenge of working within your operational greenhouse. Between high humidity, temperature fluctuations, moving equipment, people running around, and growing plants, the hurdle we’ve had to overcome and continue to focus on is delivering value while facing the same challenges growers face every day.

5. Where do you see this kind of technology headed and/or what are your plans for the future?

ERP systems and control systems are our technological neighbors in the greenhouse. We see integrating them with the plants, people, and infrastructure, bringing together the components of greenhouse operations into a seamless solution.

6. Can you talk about your experiences at United Fresh this past June?

Participating at United FreshTEC allows us the opportunity to sit down with many of the players in the industry all in one place. We do an immense amount of travel going from farm to farm so it is a luxury to have a centralized annual gathering of the right people. The conversations, thought leadership, and visibility have been immensely helpful to us. It has become an annual staple to our business.

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